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The Benefits of Home Delivery

Milk delivered fresh to your doorstep!
A regular milk delivery from Lakeview Farms means you never have to worry about running out of milk and you can be confident it is delivered fresh.

Fresh milk delivered to your door in ALL weathers
Come rain or shine, wind or snow, You can count on Lakeview Farms Milkman to do his very best to ensure that you are supplied with fresh milk.

A Flexible Service
Lakeview Farms is there to serve you. You can easily arrange your order to suit your needs. Simply fill out your menu and leave it in your box for your milkman or let him know when he arrives.

Home milk delivery is "GREEN"
It is nice to know that when you buy milk from Lakeview Farms you are doing your part towards the environment as well. Milk devlivered to your door comes in glass bottles that are reusable and recyclable, which in turn saves energy and resources.

Once your order has been recieved, you will recieve a confirmation phone call to set a delivery date.

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