Home Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Begin Receiving Delivery Service?
To receive delivery service, you can simply sign up online at www.lakeviewfarmshomedelivery.com or come by and visit our office and complete an application. We require Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and your Desired Payment Method to secure the account. Also, when you first sign up we will request your first order. Please feel free to contact us at 803-548-7111 to answer any questions you may have prior to signing up. There is no club to join or contract to sign.

How Do I Order?
Each week you will receive a menu from your milkman. Simply fill out the form and leave it in your box the night before your scheduled delivery. Upon arrival, your milkman will fill your order and leave you a new menu for the next week.

Is There a Minimum Order?
No. We no longer require you to have a minimum order. However, there is a $4.00 delivery charge, but only when you order.

What is the Holiday Delivery Schedule?
There are only two days per year that we do not make deliveries…. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your milkman will arrange with you an alternate day for your delivery if your day falls on one of these days.

What Happens If I am Out of Town?
If you do not wish to receive your weekly delivery – just let us know. The easiest was is to call our office at 803-548-7111 at least two days before your scheduled delivery. As long as your milkman knows you will not need delivery you will not be charged the delivery fee. If Lakeview Farms is not notified you will be responsible for the normal delivery charge.

How Do I Pay?
Each week you will receive an invoice in your box or by e-mail for the week before. Simply pay your milkman or leave it in the box for him. Payments are due upon receiving your invoice.

Payment Options:

1. You may pay by check. Leaving it for your milkman or mailing it into our office at 2752 Pleasant Road, Suite 110, Fort Mill, SC 29708.

2. Credit Card. Simply contact our office and our customer service representative will arrange to have your card automatically charged each month. There will be a $3.00 service fee for this.

Why Do I need an Insulated Dairy Box?
An insulated dairy box may be purchased for $39.95 when your sign up for delivery. This box will help secure your products, and help keep them fresh until they can be refrigerated. We recommend using ice packs or frozen water bottles to help keep product cool and fresh.

Where will my Milkman Leave My Milk?
Your milkman will start his deliveries at 3:00am. Your milkman will put your delivery inside your insulated box when he delivers to your home. Just simply let your milkman know where the box will be, and he will deliver to the location each time.

\What Should I Do With the Empty Milk Bottles?
All glass bottles may be reused. Just rinse out the empties and place them in your dairy box before your next delivery. Your milkman will collect the bottles on your next delivery day, so they may be returned to the dairy to be sanitized. A bottle deposit charge of $2.00 will apply to each bottle of milk you purchase. Once the empties have been collected and returned to us you will recieve the $2.00 credit on your next invoice.

Does Lakeview Farms’ Milk Have Hormones?
There is no RBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones) used in our cows. There are no Antibiotics used in our feed.