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In 1969 home milk delivery came to a close in Fort Mill Township. Mr. Bill Hannon, a local milk distributor decided to sell out and pursue other opportunities. Since the 1900’s local farmers with names like Coltharp, Edwards, Garrison, Wilson, Hipp, and others supplied the community with good wholesome fresh milk, butter, eggs, honey, fruits, and other vegetables. Generational transfer along with growth and development ended this traditional way of life in the township.

As a small boy I remember working at Springs Dairy (now known as The Ann Springs Close Greenway). My job was to ride my pony down the lane and open the gates to allow the cows to come home to be milked. I always enjoyed when Mr. Palmer, the farm manager, would open a valve on the large refrigerated holding tank and let the ice-cold fresh milk pour into my dipper. The taste of smooth, creamy milk with all its nutrients and natural vitamins was a wonderful treat that I have never forgotten.

One day, I was visiting a friend in one of our community sub-divisions and told him of a farm that provided fresh milk in years past on the very spot where his house was located. He replied, "I wish we could get milk like that again today." Instantly, my mind took me back to those small farmers who mentored me in my youth, and taught me the value of quality products and services. I immediately started searching for a product that met those expectations.

Through my travels I found and partnered with a family owned and all natural dairy farm that has the same natural products and values. Our All Purebred cows are free from injected hormones and other production drugs. All the milk products are pasteurized, homogenized, or processed the "OLD FASHIONED WAY" leaving all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that allow the milk to retain the great fresh full body taste. We then bottle in glass to maintain the freshness.

We deliver these high quality fresh products to your door and give you and your family the opportunity to enjoy milk like it was intended. I know that when you try our products you will find the taste to be both satisfying and memorable.

I am excited to announce "THE COWS HAVE COME HOME" to Lakeview Farms.

Once your order has been recieved, you will recieve a confirmation phone call to set a delivery date.

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