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Home Delivery Service

Thank you for selecting Lakeview Farms Home Delivery. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service in the milk delivery industry. We believe in the personalized and dedicated service of the neighborhood milkman of years gone by. Our staff will always strive to earn your confidence and loyalty as we build lasting relationships with you and the community. We are dedicated to delivering fresh quality products and so much more to your door.

We are pleased to be able to announce new and exciting changes at Lakeview Farms. Please watch your boxes for upcoming news and new products we are bringing your way.

Lakeview Farms is a local South Carolina company. We partner with all natural dairy in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They use no growth or production hormones in their cows. They are fed an all natural diet with no antibiotics in their feed. The cows are humanly treated and are allowed to roam free range in grass pastures. There water is tested for purity and there milk meets all health and safety requirements set by the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina. The milk is processed near the farm to insure quick bottling time between cow and glass bottle. The milk is pasteurized using the low heat process assuring that all bad bacteria have been eliminated. Because of this process the milk will seem fuller in viscosity. The skim will look like 2% and the 2% will look like whole. The whole and chocolate milks will be unmatchable in taste and quality.

We believe that we should support local farms when comparable quality products are available. We will continue to add local products as we locate them and assure their products meet our expectations for high quality and freshness.

Along with dependable service you will realize a savings in time, gasoline, and money spent on impulsive buying at your local grocery. We want you to experience the convenience of always having fresh products delivered to your door.

We unconditionally guarantee the freshness of all of our products. We welcome your comments and/or suggestions for our customer service and product lines. Feel free to call us here at the office at 803-548-7111.

We look forward to serving you here at Lakeview Farms!

Once your order has been recieved, you will recieve a confirmation phone call to set a delivery date.

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